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A new kind of design studio

Data + UX

reports, charts, infographics

Data + Visualization

mission-control, system visualizations

Data + Stories


Complex data, beautiful experiences

We work with teams that are looking to craft unique UX involving complex data. We help them through our own products, custom- collaborations and project-based work.


AI framework for charts/visualizations

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Explore in natual language

create and explore charts/vizs. with simple natural language commands.

Discover trends across metrics

re-define metrics, scales on-the-fly to discover trends, patterns hidden in data.

Collaborate missing-control for teams

real-time collaboration to visualize system-processes and mission-control.


automagically create journals from your travel photos

Journals rich journals

turn your travel photos into beautiful journals, instantly & collaboratively.

Mobile add engagement

add beautiful mobile UX and engagement to existing travel websites.

Cloud for travel businesses

a complete cloud for travel businesses. Move your business to the cloud.

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